System Center Configuration Manager LAB INSTALLATION. – AN IT ADVENTURE

This is not my first lab, I had many others but this was the best ever, many hours to getting right.

My Physical Machine: i5 – 2500k, Ram 16G, 1T space

Set up LAB:


One NAT server (For splinting the home network)
One Domain Server
One SCCM server
Two Workstations (Win 8.1 and 7)

New Setup Lab:

Router OS (With DHCP Server) – Not easy to setup
One Domain Server
One SCCM Server
One Windows 10 Client (WKST)

My first goal was to install client and some software deployment, but when I was surfing the youtube for some knowledge, I found one complete that I modified to my needs.
This full video of lab is for PXE Image deployment an was a “pain”. In the first lab, I mess up, change some admin accounts after the DC instalation and never worked. I tried again but the NAT server never worked as I planed. Missing ports and other issues. The SCCM never getting the PXE Client acknowledge. So, I was getting the information I need online, seen that some IT Professionals are using some predefined OS for the routers or DHCP servers.
The most important step in every lab because I tried almost 5, is the network. So I use the RouterOS (it´s verylight and came with the pre instaled vdi) but it´s not easy to config and getting the things running.

In this RouterOS I configured the following setup:
– Server DHCP (
– Setup the Interfaces to “Private” and “Public”
– After Installing DC and SCCM I reserved the IPS
– Add the DNS IP in the DHCP options (This last step is very important) made me lost some hours to realize this.

Install the Server 2012 R2 for SCCM and DC
DC has only AD/DNS and GPO SCCM Server with SQL Server 2012 sp1

The SCCM was a very “long” day to install, first we have to get the requisites, including MDT and ADK, put all in a ISO.
The SCCM configuration was even a bigger “Pain”, missing arguments and missing some client the setup and the boot images never worked in PXE, made so many tentative that in the final moments I realized that was other problem.
The Logs are another peace important in the troubleshooting, but the messages where in the begging of the PXE loading (missing the attributes). Oh Boy…
Now all done, PXE is finally working and the settings are like I planned 😀

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